About Us

Here’s A Little About Our Company

On Call Electrical is a nationwide service invested in connecting electricians with homeowners and businesses who need work done on their properties. We try to establish the best connections with contractors for when the services are needed most urgently. We can forward the job to you and get you established with a homeowner or business as soon as humanly possible. Call in now to get started.

Here at On Call Electrical we want you to know that we have the professional staff, top notch service, modern day equipment, and competitive rates to make any homeowner ask, “Why didn’t I call in sooner?” That because our company believes in having the most experienced contractors local to your area be the ones to handle your electrical needs. You won’t have to worry about quality of pricing with our staff.

On Call Electrical began as a small and independant company that serviced a small region in Massachusetts before becoming a franchise empire. Yet we stay true to our roots, preferring to partner up with local contractors instead of big name conglomerates to ensure that homeowners get the best of both worlds. We seek to aid customers in such a fashion that repeat business is our main form of business.