Ceiling Fan

Homes that don’t have ceiling fans lack a distinct character. Your personality radiates on the type of ceiling fan you choose to incorporate into your home. Whereas before when there were only a few brands that you can buy ceiling fans from, nowadays you have so many options and different styles to choose from. Outdoors or indoors, a well-chosen ceiling fan that has also been properly mounted can bundle energy and lighting savings into one.

In purchasing a brand new ceiling fan, you need to measure the entire room first. A small room can take a ceiling fan blade of 36 inches. As for larger rooms, blades that are 52 inches in size are acceptable. You can even buy two ceilings fans if you think the room needs them. There are professionals that offer ceiling fan installation and they will be more than happy to assist you in choosing the right units for your home. Ceiling fan installation specialists can also present a variety of brands and styles. Provide them with the exact measurements of your room so that they can help you grab your hands into ceiling fans that are of the correct size. Ceiling fans usually have reversible blades. You may be looking at one that doesn’t offer this feature. If you are not bothered by this, you can go ahead and purchase it. However, just make sure that you talk to the professional you have hired because ceiling fans today serve different purposes. An expert can ensure your needs are met as much as possible.

At On Call Electrical, their professionals have already helped thousands of homeowners throughout the years with their ceiling fan installation and ceiling fan repair services. Homeowners are always grateful for their help in increasing the comfort within their homes as well as in saving energy. Their licensed electricians have had years of training and experience in offering homeowners with ceiling fan installation services and ceiling fan repair. They are equipped in safely handling anything that might come up including complex electrical systems and hard-to-reach areas. If your existing unit is malfunctioning, don’t fret because they can take the stress out of the entire ceiling fan repair process for you.

Many people assume that ceiling fans can only be used during summer. The truth is, you can actually use them all year round. Below are the reasons why a ceiling fan installation is a good idea.

  • Indoor comfort - A ceiling fan can create a refreshing breeze during warm weather. You can also set it in reverse if you wish to heat a room as it is capable of pushing hot air downwards.
  • Energy savings - With a ceiling fan, you can set your thermostat to your desired temperature without sacrificing air circulation or comfort. You will notice a drastic decrease to your home’s energy costs monthly.
  • Extra lighting - There are ceiling fan units that come with lighting. Make the necessary upgrade if your existing unit does not have any lights. On Call Electrical can help you with the entire process.