Attic Fan

Most homeowners disregard the idea of a new attic fan installed but you owe yourself to give it a serious thought if you own the house you are currently living in. Without an attic ventilation, attic temperatures will rise which can definitely lead to the reduction of comfort in your home, the increase in your monthly utility bills, and the shortening of your roofing’s longevity. Fortunately, you can avoid all these unfortunate circumstances with the installation of an attic fan.. One single attic fan can quickly make a drastic change to your home. If you want even greater effectiveness, talk to a professional installer. The expert can inspect your home and identify the number of attic fans that are needed in your home.

An attic fan is extremely inexpensive. What’s more, it is controlled by a thermostat which means it will only run when it is needed. Attics can reach up to 150°F which means up to 30% of your monthly cooling bills is allocated solely to deal with the heat in your attic. An attic fan is certainly a good investment and any money-savvy homeowner can confirm to this. A new attic fan can also be installed for as low as $100. The low installation cost and the tremendous savings you can get are not just the benefits that you can enjoy with attic fans. You can also control excess humidity in your attic during the cold winter months.

Attic ventilation is extremely important but it is also often a misunderstood topic in home ownership because homeowners find it hard to grasp the idea of ventilating a non-lived area in their homes. However, as mentioned previously, improper attic ventilation is the same as asking for issues within your home. Fortunately, On Call Electrical is there to help you avoid what could be a disaster for your bank account and to your property.

Below are the reasons why asking On Call Electrical’s help for the attic fan installation is a smart move to take.

  • Experience in the industry - On Call Electrical has been in the industry for years which means their professionals know exactly what they are doing. They began providing attic fan installation services in the area years ago with one goal in mind and that is to provide the best assistance there is when it comes to the processes involved in installing an attic fan. Several companies have already come and gone but On Call Electrical has remained to be one of the top installation companies in the area.
  • Setting the standards - Attic fan installation has been ignored by homeowners and manufacturers alike. Manufacturers of attic fans don’t even reflect good installation processes in their manuals. This is the reason why On Call Electrical has developed their own procedures.
  • Low price guarantee - Talk to different homeowners and they will tell you that On Call Electrical offers the best value for their money. On Call Electrical has made sure that even though they are not the cheapest, their installation services are still affordable for homeowners, making them the best company to hire when it comes to attic fan installation.